The Ice Bucket Challenge, The Dab, The Harlem Shake, and now The Mannequin Challenge. The internet sure loves to drive things into the ground, …but you didn’t think that would stop KCE, did you? Every Friday night in downtown Knoxville around 8:00pm, folks of all kind start rolling into the Underpass Meet. Formally known as UTDM, (University of Tennessee Downtown Meet), this meeting place just under the James White Parkway bridge has been an excellent meeting spot for a number of years. Offering nice coverage, ample parking, and an overall great location just off of the interstate, this seemed like the perfect place for many members in the local community to get together and and try out the latest and greatest Internet trend: the mannequin challenge. Say what you want about these trendy overdone videos, but this one has to be one of the best we’ve seen. Including some sweet cars, there are also some pretty clever typical car meet innuendos, here. If you keep a careful eye, you’ll notice everything from fights, people hooning, even a Mustang losing it’s bumper by running over some poor bystander. Overall, this was a fun productive meet where we all got together and made a funny piece of internet history that we can all be proud of, or something like that.


-Huge props to Pickle Media for this awesome video.