If you picked up the Need for Speed reboot back in 2015, you probably found a lot to love. Big name stars like Magnus Walker and Ken Block mixed with wild night racing, impressive customization options, and solid racing to finally make a fun NFS game again. But despite having a lot of classic charm and some fun racing, the game still had some serious problems. It’s always online format meant server issues and downtime for those of us with poor internet connections, and the fact you could NEVER pause it was insanity. Sorry if you have to take a piss, dear game players. Hold it or lose your race. Those are your options.

The game looked like a million dollars, but the AI rubber-banding was awful, it would have been nice to actually race in the daytime occasionally, and why they didn’t have drag racing in the game from the start was baffling. But now things are going to get better, or so we are being told. Ghost Games published a letter up on their website a few weeks ago declaring that a new Need for Speed game was coming this year, and that they listened to what we wanted. There will be a single player campaign that can be completed completely offline. There will be even more customization. The Cops are back in force. There is dirt racing, and street racing in a new open world that is bigger than ever.

Oh, and you can actually pause the damned race now.

In short, Ghost Games has stood up and declared that they messed up, and they are promising to fix it. There should be a lot more information coming about this new Need for Speed game at E3 in a few weeks. Until then, rest well knowing that NFS is coming back, and it should be better than ever.

We can’t wait.

[Source: Ghost Games]